Where it all began.

Where it all began.

A lot of people ask me how I started in the Entertainment industry and what lead me to pursuing a career in TV Presenting. Well about 10 years ago I completed a recreation degree at university and decided I deserved to take a trip around the world. Never did I realise what would lay ahead. I had a round the world ticket valid for 1 year and a dream to work aboard luxury cruise liners running activities and “all the fun stuff”.

I’m going to give you the short version of the story but if we’re ever out on the town I’ll be happy to fill you in on the finer details. Long story short I landed the dream job on cruise ships and jetted through the last few legs of my round the world journey to see my family. I exchanged my backpack for a new over-sized heavy duty suitcase and took off again to join the Dawn Princess along with hundreds of amazing people from many cultures and walks of life who would go on to be life long friends.

The Dawn Princess in ArubaMy first Port of call was San Juan Puerto Rico! My life had changed from slumming it in Thai cafe’s with $1 dinners to a 24 hour buffet, shuffleboard tournaments, jet skiing with new friends on my time off and a friendly cabin steward who would take care of my daily room cleaning, bed making and clothes washing needs. For the next few years I flew from ship to ship and sail from country to country taking short breaks every 6 months to fly home and visit my family and friends. As a kid I always liked to joke around but wouldn’t enjoy speaking in front of class at school.  On the ships I grew into someone who would walk on stage in front of hundreds of people and say what ever came out at the time. I even started helping out on the cruise ship tv shows.

My role was to report the weather each day for the cruise director and on my first day I decided it would be fun to arrive in a Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter Halloween costume I’d made up during my round the world backpacking trip. This was back in the day when he was still around and larger than life. To finish off the getup I’d acquired a small inflatable crocodile and a rubber snake. I knew nothing about weather presenting but in the Caribbean it’s pretty easy to predict weather.. hot, beautiful, warm summer breeze, beautiful sunsets, I’d sometimes finish it off with a “cold fronts poolside and warm behinds in the Jacuzzi”.

Inside my Cabin on the Dawn PrincessNeedless to say the tv show’s were always a bit of a laugh. As they say however all good things come to an end. Yes there was a lot of other stuff that went on but this is the short version remember! I flew home to Australia and left my friends and new cruise ship family behind. Saying it’s hard to adapt to regular life again after spending years working on board luxury cruise liners would be an understatement.

The next year would see me actively trying to re integrate myself back into a proper lifestyle, re kindling friendships and re establishing necessary routines.. eg shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. My new found confidence and yearning for the fun and the entertaining also had to be fulfilled. I began what would become the most epic challenge of my life, working towards becoming an tv presenter.

I write this blog today because at this very moment the first ever cruise ship I worked on sailing Cruise Ships In Portout of San Juan Puerto Rico through the Caribbean is now sailing towards Melbourne. The Dawn will arrive at around 5am tomorrow morning. Also as I write this I have just received a text message from one of my good friends who I worked with for a considerable amount of time on board the cruise ships. He’s just touched down in Melbourne to join the ship and I’m heading out to the airport to pick him up from his hotel. Once you’ve worked on cruise ships you’re a shippy for life. It’s hard to explain what it’s like and what you go through living and working at sea, the ups and the downs, the laughter and the sadness. It’s an amazing experience and I know one thing for sure, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today without it. So that’s where it all began.



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